Tibet 2007

A magic trip to visit a Country which remains unique for many different reasons , to me particularly for the people .
I was reading the fascinating stories of Fosco Maraini one of the first western in the 30s to visit a very close Country and a misterious population.
Then Tiziano Terzani and more recent travelers made increase my wish of visiting Tibet to capture different images and understand trough the photos the strenghts of it.
The occasion was a trip to China which I prolonged landing in Lhasa towards end of September.
I travelled over ten days with a car , a driver and an interpreter who did not really spoke english. This allowed me to even better dive myself in the tibetan spirit and culture.
I did not yet have a digital camera and was equipped with my old trustfull Pentax K 1000 with Kodak film 400 Asa. I travelled with dozen of films and the evening activity was to archive the used ones and prepare the new for the day after.
The photos I took are now in “Terra madre” and in “Humans”. The real excitment was in looking at the people and monks. From them came through the images what I call the tibetan spirit. Photos which looks like taken in one other century; works in the champs ,prayer in the monastry, philosophical debates in the monastry gardens , all was recalling a lost serenity, a deep respect for the nature and the profound tie among people.
Nobody gave the feeling to be alone, everywhere the sense of a community easy to be frozen in one image. I love the two in “Humans” where a group of people are working in a field and taking care of some sheeps.
I felt in these two images together with the ones of monks, the essence of the Tibet I met.
The trip was done visiting villages and monastries but ended up at Everest base camp where I spent two nights in a shared large local tent. Living together for few days close with the tibetan people gave a lot of photo opportunities combining with the magic feeling to be at the foot of the giant Everest.


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