Galapagos 2008

This travel could be seen like a travel back in geological times. Something very hard to compare with any other travel I did before.
I took advantage of my cooperation with the National Geographic Society where for few years I was member of the Advisory Board, to join a Lindblad travel to the Island.
I had only my Pentax K 1000 and again , as some years before to the Hymalaya, a large quantity of Kodak films 400 Asa.
For the first time I was confronted to take pictures of wild animals in their habitat and I was testing the best way to do so every day.
The light changing all time and the actions to go and watch all different species made the photography really exciting . In fact being on a boat cruising through the islands, I could not choose the timing when to go in search of a good shot, but, this has not taken away the emotion of capturing some images, which remain fixed in my memories.
Most of these photos are in ” animals” and few in “Terra Madre”.
The wild old beauty of these islands and its wilderness make me even more convinced in the need to protect the nature and to show to all how strongly related we all are.

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