Patagonia 2013

December 2013 I left Switzerland to fly to Santiago del Chile and then Punta Arenas. I arrived finally in Patagonia.
I could not wait and went out with my cameras to just walk around and feel the place.
I spent then some days visiting incredible legendary areas like Torres del Payne and Lake Grey with its icebergs. The result of these days is in my photos ” Terra Madre” ,”humans” and ” animals”.
Torres del Payne was a giant in the middle of emerald lakes, green hills and a turbulent sky. I must say that most of the time the cloudes decided about the photo. Sometime a sudden fog was covering all and a thin rain made all different tries very challenging. Given the light contrast, I decided to use mostly the Leica M, which gave back to me the colors and atmosphere as they were.
I left Torres del Payne area navigating a hidden river among glaciers and peaks and then arriving in Puerto Natales.
From there a long drive to El Calafate going across the chilean border to enter Argentina. The road was a grey streight line in the middle of immense empty spaces . The contrast between the cloudes and the land made the trip and the photography very interesting . Small difference in the luminosity or in the sky made me stop the car and rush for a shot. These photos are in “Terra Madre” and I love them because they recall to me the immensity of the land which I never experienced before.
From El Calafate the photography adventure became even more interesting with the visit to the the glaciers. No camera could take the feelings in front af such ice mountains. The possibility to do a short trekking on the ” Perito Moreno” glaciers made possible to take images which I never thought I would do.
In ” humans” I love the black&white photo where groups of people walk on the glacier. It looks like climbers on a frozen world …
The magic of being in the middle of ice valleys and peaks, created some of my best pictures of that trip. Most of them in ” Terra Madre”.
I used both cameras, the Nikon D300 to catch the details and the Leica M to get the colors and the entire scenary.

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