Grand Canyon 2013

We were in June , and the light during the day was very bright and almost giving the sense of moving with the hot air created by the temperature.
The scenary from the South Rim was exactly as in the memories created in years of movies, photography and even comics. It was like living in those old years facing the hard nature.
To take good pictures under a proper light was then a must an early weak up call at 4 am to be on the Rim when was still dark but ready to welcome the sun rise.
The light was perfect, the shadows clearly cut as well as the profile of the Rim.
The sun brought with him all kind of colors changing at an unforseen rapidity. Yellow, orange, red, intense cobalt blue, all at once inside the lens. I was zooming to chatch details as seen in some of “Terra madre” pictures or changing camera to the Leica to get all intensity.
The day after we decided to see the sunset to experience the different range of colors
It was one and half hour on the same spot watching like a movie the cliffs and the rims getting different at the time passing. Far down the Colorado river was silver, then white and finally just a dark line inside the cliffs.
The combination of cliffs, rim, cloudes and colors made all photos quite special and similar to water colors.


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