Tierra del Fuego 2014

Since child I was wondering about Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. More adult, good authors like Chatwin made me consolidating the wish of visiting this Land.
It was then studying Darwin exploration at University or much later the phenomenal book ” Uttermost part of the earth”of Lucas Bridges that accelerated the plans to travel there.
Beginning of January 2014 I flew from El Calafate to Usuhaia really the ultimate city at the end of the world.
I could take a window sit and in between looking out and dreaming , the short trip was done. I was landing among mountains which saw Darwin and other explorers walking on. I was recalling in my memory an italian magazine Epoca, wich was very succesful when I was a teen ager ,and clearly came up the article from Walter Bonatti on top of Cape Horn. I’m close by…I can see it.
I could almost feel the tempestous wind and the fragile ships taken by the huge waves. It was at sunset And the light was perfect to take the last pictures like the ones in ” Terramadre”. One of these shows a lonely tree on a piece of land facing the Ocean. To me, in that moment it was like a symbol of welcoming , a sign of serenity and calm in the farest places I have been.
The few days were spent then kayaking or walking around trying to capture with images the old stories and spirit hidden in Tierra del Fuego.
A strong wind made cloudes appearing and disappearing , changing constantly the light and exposition for each photo, creating spectacular scenaries.

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