Australia 2014

I was eager to come back to this Country where part of my family lives and where I did not go for 14 years.
Australia is really “down under” and few hours after arriving, I felt on one other planet, with huge time difference and the entire Earth in between the starting point of this trip , and Brisbane.
One day on early hour we left direction South , west from the Gold Coast to discover a land of green and rounded hills to end up on Byron Bay where I got the opportunity to take few photography of the impressive Ocean like the ones in ” Terra Madre” and “humans”. The light was soft being beginning of May, autumn for Australia, and this helped to get the colors vivid out almost at all times.
What makes Australia still so special to me is the wilderness of its animals and the way the australians deal with them. A piton in the garden is no more exciting than one of our cats walking around. This cohabitation is a good example for part of the world, ready to kill a bear or a wolve as soon as they appear somehow close,
Natural protection starts also from a different understanding of the wild as part of our live. Possibly the most authentic and beautiful.

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