Etna 2014

Summer 2014 and , in vacation in Sicily.
Sicily is an island of surprises, going from the archeological sites to the cities and villages to finish with the explosive nature.
Each one of these giving out the same history of a ” mother land” which gave birth to our culture and roots.
You land in Sicily and in reality you fly back thousends years visiting the villages , looking at the agricoltural coltivation. Or, you fly back millions of years discovering the Etna , the active volcano near Catania.
The volcano is occupying all space, nothing is left, it is the godness to whom people since thousend years look at. Sometime with fear , most of the time with gratitude for the rich soil, able to create the most delicious fruits and vegetables.
When we were there it was active. For Few nights we saw the fire desending the slopes illuminating dark nights, until we decided to go closer and live the experience of creation.
We went up late afternoon and at sunset, with four wheel drive buses we went up the few chilometers to get closer to the crater.
You feel approaching a mistery of fire and power, and when , at discrete distance, you look at the lava flows you see in realty how our planet was and still is created. Fire balls going down slowly and new ones appearing where before was dark and invisible.
It was a real show which left everybody speachless and with big eyes to savor each instant lived close to the crater.

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