Scotland 2015

We left in September for a short visit to the North of Scotland with a great curiosity to see that still wild nature and the people. We were afraid about the weather but in reality the grey cloudes gave a beautiful strong contrast to all pictures , playing with the sun rays which were able, time to time, to open their mantel.
Narrow roads in the North, sometime just for one vehicle , created the feeling of penetrating a world of pure nature, ocean and sky tied together on the horizon. Green and yellow melting with a very soft light , with the blue-grey of the other elements.
Light was one of the key element during the trip.
Never strong , always gently covering all elements , people, buildings or nature, that we met in our travel.
Lokness was a must visit as it was Mt Nevis but, the most surprising moment was in Luss on the Loch Lomond where an incredible sunset playied for almost 40 minutes with all possible colors creating unforgettable atmospheres.
The nature itself made me often thinking of the geology of the Country , almost if the geological process was completed recently instead of millions of years. The mountains and valleys were almost telling the old story of a fiercy population , ready to fight for their land.
A wonderful Land to visit and a lot to explore and learn.

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