Iceland 2016

A dream trip for Nature lovers.
We went in summer and decided to make the round trip to discover the most we could of the Country.
And we did.
We could have spent more weeks there and we went back home just with the wish of going back there.
People, scenaries, wild nature, volcanos, water falls, glaciers, different day lights all was surprising and beautiful.
The pleasure of taking pictures was complete and full of emotions.
I loved particularly taking pictures during the sunset time where shadows and lights were dancing on rocks, glaciers or ocean.
The North shore appeared wild and far from every populated place, the South, just giagantic, where the extra large glacier stay on your side for hours and hours.
You feel little and the nature around big and strong.
You feel the Earth’s power at his primordial age, like a body with energy and feelings, never intimidating but taking you in within.

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