About me

Having always been passionated by the beauty photography and its ability to capture unique moment in time forever, I started taking pictures with no clear objective.

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that through my travels around the world, I found “my way”. It was for my work but also for my interest and pleasure that permitted me to combine the two. In that moment taking pictures became part of the travel, the experience and mostly part of the emotion I was living whilst travelling. Having grown up in Parma, a small Italian city, I have always been passionated by the beauty of nature which lead me to study and become a Geologist. However, life had other plans for me, as it took me through a different career path and showed me a different side of the world, giving me some truly exceptional experiences. That being said my deep passion for Nature always remained as it pushed me to visit and experience first hand the various natural beauties I had once studied. The Himalayas, the Galapagos islands, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Australia and the Hawaian volcanos, the South American Andes, Nepal and Mount Everest, Tibet, Africa, and the list goes on. All these destinations soon became my photography destinations too , and not yet all visited. Photography allowed me to capture a precise moment, feelings, emotions, colours and even smells of the places I had visited and things. Through these photographs, I was able to record my memory forever. I never paid too much attention to my technique, I was taken by the moment , immersed in the nature or in a big city overwhelmed by the buildings and the chaotic atmosphere of my surroundings. In my photographs, I always take the moment, its light, colour and brightness as it is. Regardless of the outcome of the shot, if its good or bad, I never touch it. I always keep as it is. I love to take color photos to bring with me ,in my eyes and in my memory, to relive that unique moment over and over. On the other hand, the black & white pictures capture my feelings in that moment more than the technical need of that pictures in b/w. Through my photos I express my personality, my thoughts and feelings of that very moment, without the use of words but with the strength of the eyes and memory. As they say a picture is worth a million words. The great minds of photography inspire me on a daily basis. My admiration for Salgado Genesis or the faces from Reza , as well as the colours of Steve Mc Curry, nurture my inner reflection of oneself and push me further to try and capture the pristine beauty, emotions and feelings of a memorable moment. In 2003 I did my first photographic exhibition and since I have been exhibiting my photographs in Frankfurt a M., Miami, Parma, Roma, Basel, and Napoli. My first camera that stayed with me for several years was the Pentax K 1000, but these last few years I have been using the Leica M and the Nikon D300 in my travels. My goal still remains the same: to capture the emotion and the feeling in the moment.